What If Love Was This?

What if love was entirely different then we had imagined?
What if it had nothing to do with commitments and boxes and houses and rings and pledges and promises?
What if it simply just was -
An energy that sat at the centre of the core of everything,
and a fluid stream of light particles that surrounded us all of the time?
What if love was like the air?
Would we be so scared of it then?
Would we think like we do, that there was a limited amount?
Would we think like we do that we must covet it so?
If we could see love like the air, we wouldn't have the impoverished complex that we do - that love was something rare to be clung to. 
Rather, it would be something constant.
It would be as regular as breathing in and out.  
I think love is this.
I think love is always right here.

~ Sarah Norrad