Be Here Now.

Last night I sat on the beach until I was swallowed by the stars.
I was embraced by the sky,
welcomed by the gulls,
I was kissed by the moon,
as it bravely came out from hiding from behind a cloud.
Before that,
I had been whispered to.
'Come down.'
'Come down to my shore.'
And so I listened,
to the voice of the sea.
Last night I sat on the beach until I was swallowed by the stars.
Until I knew again how small and yet unlimited myself,
and this human life was.
Until I felt that stirring in my heart,
and the thud each wave made as it crashed on the pebbles by my toes.
'You are.'
The sea told me.
'You are.'
She firmly said.
Last night I sat on the beach until I was swallowed by the stars. ~ Sarah Norrad

Begin Again.

If we awaken,
for a moment from the spell,
from the mist that surrounds our hearts, and minds, and souls,
and keeps us separate,
and singular,
and solitary.
Maybe we would touch it,
that spark again inside,
the one we have been missing,
the one we thought was completely gone.
it's not, 
nor could it ever be.
It's just waiting,
patiently for us to begin to realize,
our true nature is rebirth,
at least that's what out soul keeps whispering.
We aren't ever done. 
Nor must we ever be finished,
and transforming. 
We can ever be rebranded in the light of love.
It's not a question of if we are worthy,
it's more a statement of,
we are ready,'
ready to live here and now.
It's not a matter of being perfect either.
What matters is that we choose to know we are whole,
and that we each have something beautiful,
to offer,
and that we deserve to share it,
and that we choose we must.
Because what are we waiting for?
It will find us eventually.
That is the truth of life.
So live this spark we know in our soul we are.
Share it.
Believe it.
Celebrate it.
we are whole.
then we will ever be rebranded,
the light of love.

It's You.

If I could offer you this,
it would be that you felt love completely.
That you knew sparks and embers of joy,
and electric bonfires of passion too.
If I could offer you this,
it would be that tenderness wraps you up in her sweet arms continually,
and that your surrendering and living become always pure pleasure.
If I could offer you this, 
it would be that your mornings smelt of wild sweet peas, 
your evenings of golden fields of tall grass blowing in the wind and
your nights lit up by glittering stars, 
holding each a universe of glory and splendour all of their own. 
If I could offer you this,
It would be that you knew you were all these amazing things too.
For you are.
You are the paradise promised.
You are the dazzling jewelled box of treasure we have been searching for.
And so now,
we have found it.
And it,
is you.
It's always been you.
If I could offer you this,
It would be that you felt love completely. 
That you knew sparks and embers of joy,
and electric bonfires of passion too.

~ Sarah Norrad

You Are Magic.

Yes you. 
Are magic.
You are wondrous and beautiful and innately free.
You don't belong to anything or anybody,
but you are totally welcome here.
You are loved.
You are supported.
You will be held and also adored.
There's no specific reason you must show to deserve this.
Being this human is entirely enough.
You are needed.
You are desired.
There's no question of the earth ever wanting something different then the exact magic you carry within your soul.
So share it,
beautiful one.
Know it.
Overflow with it.
And when you have shined so brightly that all the world knows you are here,
come and rest inside of this.
Come home to these loving arms.
Arrive in the solace of surrender.
Trust in the strength of embrace.
The world needs you. 
Because of that,
it also completely loves you. 
Yes you.
Are magic.


The muggy air sat with her.
The silent day lay long before her.
And, the space that opened up around her was empty and also full.
It was with tender breaths she began walking towards it.
A new door had swung open and another had disappeared behind.
But certain of a momentum to follow,
she continued to begin again.
And again.
Until endings no longer looked final,
for they were the start of something brand new.
So she let the mugginess and the intoxicating heat remind her,
it was okay to melt and meld into something new.

~ Sarah Norrad

Being Human.

I don't know sometimes what it means to be tender.
On certain days what's rough and sharp in me comes out instead.
There are lines that aren't so crisp on special evenings,
when the light hits my cheek in the afternoon sometimes it burns.
But that's what it means to be unraveling.
That's what it means to be human and real.
We aren't just one way,
we are many.
The shadow sometimes needs a turn on the scene too.
So make it safe to be a little jagged.
Allow a comment or two to be un-pc.
What if rough was acceptable also?
Why would we want to be so refined and perfect anyways?
Isn't what's raw dynamic and interesting too?
If we weren't searching so hard to be found right,
maybe we would discover what we already knew.
That perfect was a state of perception. 
What might have been wrong may one day be right.
So forgive our shadowed longings.
It's not a shame to be who we are.
The sorrow is to think we should be someone different, 
perhaps better.
But better is not necessary to thrive.
Good enough is just perfect.
Rough and sharp are effective tools for transformation too.

Let The Journey Be The Goal.

So she decided to meet herself,
in the wilderness of her own mind.
And she delved deep into the murky waters there.
She foraged through swamps and jungles.
She dipped into creeks and waded through streams.
After each adventure though,
she seemed to end up where she had previously begun.
Perhaps a little more calloused.
Perhaps a little more muscled.
Perhaps even a bit more tender in places too.
It made her realize,
it was in fact the journey that was the goal.
For the end destination always seemed to be the same. 
As far as she had travelled,
she still ended up right here.
Arriving at the quiet place of stillness that sits between her heart and her head. 
So she finally acknowledged the value in what was happening now. 
And the goal slipped out the passenger window each time she drove to a new place.
And she got it.
This was it.
This was what she had been birthed for. 
It wasn't to be something more.
It was to give value to what was here,
to what was her,
and to what still remained a mystery.
So she let the safari of life just be. 
And she became okay with the in-between. 
For nowhere was where she was headed... 

Because somewhere special was already here. 


This Is How We Listening.

What does it mean to listen?
Can we even do it,
because it will require us to pause.
We must wait for a moment,
suspended in the space between what we have created and what we wish to.
But, it is important to rest.
It is important to learn how to receive.
I don't do this well, always.
But luckily perfection is not a requirement of living.
So we sit here, 
together and we wait.
We breathe and we choose to not know.
That's how we listen,
we make a decision to stay open to being told something new.
We curiously witness the unfolding of tenderness and freshness.
That's how we listen, we open so gently to the moment that we allow it or you to direct us where we are next meant to go.
Follow the flow.
Be guided.

~ Sarah Norrad

We Are Enough - That's What Humble Is.

May we just be,
as we are.
May we learn to offer no more or no less.
May we not shy away from the beauty that we have to share and may we also not hide the shadow we are still working on.
This is true humbleness.
Being humble does not mean that we cower.
It does not mean that we feel defeated because we are less capable then some.
Humbleness means we offer everything we have and we offer it fully.
It means we accept that in certain lights we sparkle and that in others we appear a shade of grey.
But it means we acknowledge that right now we are good enough to be of service.
It means that despite and perhaps because of our speckled, imperfect reflection, we have something that can support others to know.
Be humble.
Be no longer afraid who we are is not okay.
It is.
We are.
Offer it all.
Offer everything.
That's freedom. 
The freedom of one who can just be.

~ Sarah Norrad

The Journey Home.

If we are trying to find our heart again, because we had lost it.
It's okay.
It is a journey.
If we are not there yet to feeling wholeness all the time,
that's alright too.
The destination is less important.
Perhaps desire and purpose is more the thing that matters here.
The dedication to love might be enough to allow us to eventually see it everywhere.
Hearts open in the sunshine and then hide behind a cloud.
That's natural.
That's living.
That's organic life.
But let's always try to be gentle.
For how we talk to ourselves is how we will treat others.
We must be honest and loving with the one who is right here.
If we are trying to find our heart again, because we had lost it.
That's okay.
The destination is less important. 
Perhaps it's in this work that we are doing right now, that we will discover it despite of ourselves, anyways.

~ Sarah Norrad