Journey with me into our hearts through words. For it is here, in the beating of our chest that we find again our sweet enchantment with life. It is here in this moment of wonder, that we become swept away again by passion, intimacy and love. Join me in creating a world, textured in joy and the tender experience of being human. Join me, as we let words be our guide.

Transformational Life Coach

I teach evolving individuals how to pursue their lives fully, how to know connection, intimacy and wholeness and how to work and live past adversity and fear. It is through asking the correct questions and teaching skillful tools, that I create with you the means to achieve what you desire. My role is to show people how to live the life of their dreams, of power, simply and now. Transformation is in the present moment. As well as my passiomate work with women, I specialize in working with men to show them how to translate their ambitious natures into a balanced ability to have success in every aspect of their lives. 


Mindfullness is not a practice of doing. It is an experience of being. One we decide we must have. As we realize our wholeness, everything in our lives becomes of service to our own waking up. Yoga, Buddhism and energetic healing are the path I teach and share, to assist the deepening of our lives - the ones outside of us, but most importantly the one we discover within.

The beginning of a new journey... Follow me through my social media platforms for live, recorded poetry musings and transformational coaching gems. 

Sarah is one with nature; magnificently radiating the sun’s lights and vibrations of soulful energies.
— Michael G

"Sarah is accessible, yet offers real wisdom. She solves that greatest question of all: 'how to magnetize folks' attention toward the truly important questions in life?"

~ Waylon Lewis, Founder of Elephant Journal and Talk Show Host

What if this was it? What if this was our chance to have the life we had always dreamed?

Peace blossoms in our heart when we accept and celebrate the power we have to continually begin. When we learn to create, we will never be destroyed. ~ SN

My First Book, Coming Soon.

Conscious Transformation and freedom revealed through the lens of a Buddhist Yogini. 

A Full Moon Blessing For Us All - May We Each Be Well


What is it that creates intimacy and connection, for isn't this what as humans we so crave? To live the life we dream, we must first know this...

"Just when you think you are alone

in the emotional waves of personal thought,

Sarah Norrad makes you feel validated and comforted that you and your thoughts are not abnormal anomalies.

Her heart-felt writing strikes a chord every time and makes you feel a connection to other emotionally aware humans. Thank you, Sarah."

~ Lori, Reader

You, are Welcome Here.