Listen here: Your job is not Your Purpose.

We spend so long searching for something that we can’t actually find... as our purpose is not in the labels and roles we take on—It’s something deeper and found beneath them—It’s not in our next job or next partner or new house or adventurous vacation.

If we keep searching for something else to fulfill us, we will continually be disappointed.

We can, however, bring our purpose to everything. But our fulfillment is not in getting certain things. 

Our contentment is found in a truth we carry inside and decide to follow. It’s in how we do “the things” that we might find our joy and happiness. 
Purpose is not achieved on the outside. It is found within. It is expressed in the simple acts of honesty and authenticity of being mindfully aligned with our truth and bringing that to everything—in our daily living.

In that way, we can live in our purpose continually.

A Teaching on how to Manifest & Create the Life we Want Everyday:

We often think that things must be a certain way before we can feel good or have the life we want. Here’s the secret—We can feel good now, and in fact we must, to find satisfaction and fulfillment here, today.

As we become more used to feeling the life we want, we are drawn to the things that will allow more of that for us.

Also, if we don’t allow ourselves to feel it presently, we will miss it whenever it arrives.

It just takes a little inner shift and practice.

In this video I share a few questions to ask ourselves everyday that will set us up to have that experience. Once you know the experience of what you want, you can continually create it all of the time.

Having the life we want is more tangible than we had ever imagined. Trust the process. You can begin to have it now.