Transformational Life Coach & Guide with Sarah Norrad

Transformational Life Coaching is a blend of coaching and lay counselling, coupled with mindfulness and psychological strategy as a means to remember wholeness and move through the world again with ease. It is based on working with you in the present moment and moving you forward to the life you wish to achieve. This process is based on the innate wisdom you have inside of you that knows already where you need to go---Sarah is simply a guide. 

Sarah is here to inspire and engage you for your own success and ready you for the connection with life and each other we each crave.

We all desire to engage in a fulfilling, purpose and joy-filled present.

Having twenty plus years in mindfulness meditation training,  certified yoga and energetic healer certificates, as well as trained and seeing clients as a lay counsellor weekly, Sarah's aptitude for meeting you where you are at with the tools you need to move forward are optimal.

As well as her inspired, one-on-one work with women, Sarah specializes in working with men too, to show them how to translate their ambitious natures into a balanced ability to have passion and fufillment in every aspect of their lives.  

Sarah has also worked with many amazing individuals, coaching them in business, vision and creation. Entrepreneurial support and branding is a passion for Sarah. 

Check out a few projects she has worked on and created:

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The Linen Memorial 

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West Coast Esthetics Studio 

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