Transformational Life Coaching Videos with Sarah Norrad

Transformational Coaching to inspire and engage us for our greatest success and intimacy yet. For each of us desires something more... Resources are waiting here, so reach out and and let's begin connecting to your most powerful life and self.

Having twenty plus years in mindfulness meditation training, yoga teacher and energy healing certification, as well as trained and working as a community counsellor, Sarah's aptitude for meeting you where you are at with the tools you need to move forward are optimal.

As well as her inspired work with women, Sarah specializes in working with men, to show them how to translate their ambitious natures into a balanced ability to have passion and sparks in every aspect of their lives.  

It is moving beyond our conditioned shame and fear that we learn again to fully enjoy this experience we call life. Why not know what true freedom and success feel like. It's right here.


Join me for a mini-moment of presence. 

What is it that creates intimacy and connection, for isn't this what as humans we so crave? There is a way to know this, always. Perhaps we can discover this as we pause and share. 

For me, intimacy is not just about other humans, it is also about how inspired and successful we can be when we connect to all of our life, deeply. It's remembering our wholeness too.

And, here's a little poem about just this, from my hand to your heart too!

XO, Namaste