Offerings of Work


Writing, POETry& Facilitation

Journey with me into our hearts through words. For it is here, in the beating of our chest that we find again our sweet enchantment with life. It is here in this moment of wonder, that we become swept away again by love. Join me in creating a world, textured in joy and the tender experience of being human. Join me, as we let words be our guide.


Transformational Coaching

I teach inspiring individuals who are pursuing life grandly to have the best love, connection and life imaginable. It is through asking the correct questions and holding sacred space for others to blossom, that I create with you the means to achieve your dreams. My mission always remains to offer a service of benefit to your most empowered self. I specialize in teaching men, their ability to maintain and experience the spark of intimacy we all desire. 

YOGa & Meditation 

Mindfulness is not a practice of doing. It is an experience of being. One we decide we must have. As we realize our wholeness, everything in our lives becomes of service to our own waking up. Yoga and Buddhism are the path I teach and share, to assist the deepening of our lives - the one outside of us, but most importantly the one we will discover within.  

Content Creator - Hire me to create original content for your business or personal needs. Being a full-time writer, columnist and copywriter, my skills are polished and prepared to meld your ideas into words. Allow me to represent your vision precisely, with an eye-catching edge. Branding is pivotal in our technological age. I take the stress off your shoulders that writing about oneself or company can create. Let's make your message shine for the world.