Media, Content, Social Media Coaching & Website Design


It all started when...

an overly curious girl realized words could be used to express the marvels and mysteries of a heart and mind. She also realized that words could be used to promote services of benefit and bring more good to the world!

So began Sarah's journey of creating content to express the deep insights and support other’s in getting their valuable messages and services out!

A writing career blossomed from this passionate journey; coupled with over twenty years of mindfulness meditation training, spiritual practice, counselling and coaching certification, Sarah learned to point out the truths her readers needed to know. She discovered that she had a talent at doing this for people’s businesses also, enabling them to reach a wider audience in a professional and impactful manner.

You can catch Sarah writing and designing for other's website's, social media advertising, newsletter and email campaigns. It is with her background in entrepreneurialism, psychology and word-smithing that Sarah has successfully increased following and engagement for many of her clients, in a mindful manner.

$40 USD/HR for copy writing + Media coaching

$60 USD/HR website Desing and creation.

Being a Featured Author for the American mindful and wellness magazine, Elephant Journal for several years, contributor to Medium, Thought Catalog and a blogger for Huffington Post, Sarah's published articles can be found through each of these online publications. 

Follow her through her social media feeds of Facebook and Instagram for her daily, original content and inspirational musings.

Examples of Websites & Social Media Pages Sarah wrote,  Designed & Promoted: 

- Dr. Lycia Trouton

- Stones & Weave

- Creatively United for the Planet

- West Coast Esthetics Studio

- The Linen Memorial

- Satya Bella 

- Big Rock Coaching Group

- Microsec Research and Development Inc.

- The Mind Body Harmonizer 

- The RatTail Antenna Booster