~ Mastering Life ~

From the Inside Out

A two-month course designed specifically to each participants needs, with exclusive recorded home practices and take-away’s after each session.

Join Sarah in transforming life into a practice of greater ease, clarity and balance—What better gift to your present and future self!

Sarah will be your guide through a 5-session 1:1 coaching program where you learn new tools, perspectives and practices to support you in mastering your life from the inside out. This package is designed for those who are desiring to be heard, seen and powerfully supported to move forward to a greater place of peace, success and balance, daily. Included with these one-on-one live online sessions will be hardcopy homework to reference and take away + specifically designed for you (by Sarah) recorded home practices to continue your growth with ease & support during your program & after. If things come up through the course outside of your scheduled calls, Sarah is always available by email to support and encourage you through.

*This program is approximately 2 months, depending on scheduling, and you can begin at anytime.

Program investment $650 USD

Clarity, growth + success are not found by accident. They are built on the foundation of becoming more and more present to what we are and the possibility of what we could be.
— Sarah Norrad

5 hours of 1:1 sessions with Sarah, 2 Months of Coaching + 5 empowering homework take-aways + 3 recorded practices designed by Sarah specifically for you & direct email support between coaching calls.

Program Investment = $650 USD

Instalment Plan = Two payments, 1 x month of $330 USD

A private note from Sarah…

Is there something you know in your soul, maybe even your bones, that needs to change—A shift of life, career, love + inner or outer landscape?

It usually begins in our bodies as unrest and then settles in our minds; the need for change is like that.

I’ve felt this call so many times in my life that in my mid-twenties I had a Phoenix and a Thunderbird tattooed on my solar plexus.

What has saved my toosh many times and gotten me to the other side of this process, are mindful practices and tools. We can shift our outer world but if we don’t do the work of changing the patterns from within, it won’t matter. We will still be dissatisfied and stuck.

I’m incredibly honoured and excited to announce that I’ve been listening to you out there, and the wild shifts & wide open gulfs many are navigating. So here’s my invitation to you—Become your own inner master through a journey of support with me.

Launching now my coaching program: Master Life - From the Inside Out

This program will take approximately 2 months for you to flow through. It includes 5 one-on-one live coaching sessions with me, hardcopy homework after each session to play with for that coming week (and life), 3 recordings I make specifically designed for you with powerful practices to guide you along.

This program is designed for those who desire to shift old patterns that aren’t serving, to catapult you to a place of more peace and abundance and to connect you to your internal power and voice again.

Because we can keep suffering in the ways and patterns that we have always done, or we can develop new patterns, methods and practices that will begin to move us forward into the reality we urn for and crave.

You have such gifts to work with already; experiencing your happiness and success are completely possible today.

"Sarah is accessible, yet offers real wisdom… She solves the greatest question of all: 'how to magnetize folks' attention toward the truly important questions in life?'"

Waylon Lewis, Founder of Elephant Journal


P.S. A little about your guide…

Sarah Norrad is a certified professional coach, registered yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, active lay counsellor, author & designer. Her relative experience as a teacher is - 7 years of counselling others, a thriving coaching practice, 20 years of mindfulness and meditation training, 7 + years of teaching Yogic practices & transformational tools, as well as a trained psycho-ed group facilitator.

“I had an inkling that Sarah would help offer the healing and navigational supports I was seeking in my life. I’m so grateful that I followed that instinct as my work with Sarah has been trans-formative. I’m grateful for finding her and will continue to hire her as a consultant as I grow my business and grow myself. Thank you Sarah.”

— Sarah B.

I was impressed by Sarah’s gentle, non-judgemental approach. I felt extremely safe with her. I find I am now experiencing life in a more positive way. I highly recommend her courses.
— DM, Victoria

“Sarah has knack for drawing out the best in challenging situations. My intention for our sessions was learn how to cultivate quality time with myself and cherish my own company. Sarah used her powerful intuition and gentle words to help me realize a series of goals, which ultimately culminated in a significant transformation. Thank you Sarah for helping me realize my own power.”

Eryn FitzgeraLD

Mastering Life Coaching Program - 2 Months of 1:1 Coaching


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Mastering Life Coaching Package - Instalment Program

This is the Mastering Life Instalment Program where you will pay $330 USD one time per month for 2 months. Total payment will be $660 USD for the Mastering Life Coaching Package where you receive: 5 ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS WITH SARAH + POWERFUL HOMEWORK TO REFERENCE AND TAKE AWAY AFTER EACH SESSION + 3 SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED (FOR YOU) RECORDED HOME PRACTICES, TO CONTINUE YOUR GROWTH WITH SUPPORT + TOOLS THROUGH YOUR WORK WITH SARAH AND AFTER.

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Disclaimer: Coaching and Lay Counselling are not meant to take the place of medical advice or support from other clinical experts. Whilst a lay counsellor and coach has counselling knowledge and training, this person is not a psychotherapist, psychologist, clinical counsellor, doctor or mental health professional. The level of training acquired will provide the lay counsellor & coach with an understanding of how best to support individuals going through particular difficulties. Their training will not, however, equip them with the professional knowledge to provide the level of counselling, diagnosis or guidance required if the individual has medical conditions that complicate their emotional/personal/business issues. Situations that present suicidal intention, mania, clinical depression, personality and/or anxiety disorders and schizophrenia should be referred directly to a qualified professional & it is the responsibility of the client to share this information and seek the correct help.