Lifestyle Coaching

+ Lay Counselling

The support for you to dream your life from the inside-out—Lifestyle Coaching is a blend of life coaching and counselling, coupled with mindfulness, intuitive guidance and powerful space-holding as a means for you to navigate life, career, healing and love with greater ease and grace. For we each came here for a reason and with a spark to fulfill. Let’s discover yours through the work we do together.

Lifestyle coaching is based on working with you in the present moment to assist you to tune into your innate wisdom so that you become aligned again with your truth, purpose and self.

If we look at the bigger picture, we realize that truly our love-relationships, work, family, friendships and internal worlds are all one! This style of coaching & counselling supports clients through a holistic approach, where all of ourselves are welcomed and supported to thrive.

You have the spark inside of you that knows already where you need to go—Sarah will facilitate, nurture and uphold the vehicle that get’s you there. 

It’s about learning how to thrive; with grace and courage.

Being a certified professional coach, having twenty plus years in mindfulness meditation practice, a certified yoga instructor and energetic healer, as well as a trained lay counsellor & group facilitator, Sarah's ability to meet you where you are at with the wisdom you need to move forward is diverse, loving and powerful.


This gift is to your current and future self.

Along with weekly supporting others in their inner work, Sarah has collaborated with many amazing individuals, coaching them in business, vision and creation. Entrepreneurial support and branding is a passion for Sarah, which she is able to bring to your coaching and counselling sessions as needed. 

Check out a few projects Sarah has coached on and created:

Dr Lycia Trouton

Stones and Weave

Creatively United for The Planet

The Linen Memorial 

SMC Holistics 

West Coast Esthetics Studio 

Relative Credentials:

Certified Professional Coach

Internationally Published Author

Social Media Coordinator

Lifestyle Columnist

Trained Psycho-Ed Group Facilitator

Media Influencer

Practicing Lay Counsellor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Mindfulness Teacher