Fall Women’s Group

Coming Home to Ourselves

A 7 session series of women uniting to build hope, strength, resilience and tools to live our life the way we most desire; coming home to our truth and power within. As we do so, we become more effective and empowered in everything that we are. Moving from our grounded centre within means that we come back to the experience of life that we truly desire.

Sarah Norrad is honoured to be the facilitator and Coach for this group, holding sacred circle space and providing tools, support & structure for each group.

This Fall Women’s Group is your opportunity to attend 7 live, one and a half hour, online group coaching sessions where we will come together as women to share, unite and learn. You will receive 10.5 hours of session time with Sarah in the company of our group members. Here we will discuss 8 Powerful Topics, and receive the tools to work with them in our lives. This will look like the building of our inner and outer resources to further thrive through life, love and our deeper inner calling.

*This group begins September the 24th and runs until November 12th, 2019 with a one week break of meetings in between to integrate and work on our own process. We will be meeting, Tuesdays, in online Zoom Circles, for an hour and a half beginning at 5:30 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

— Dori Green
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7 live, online group coaching circles, that include 10.5 hours of direct support from Sarah with 8 powerful topics + the tools to work with them as well as a strong space to process and share, learn from each other while receiving certified guidance and practices of support.

Words from Sarah about this Group…

Right now we need this more than ever before… I’m over-the-moon thrilled to be offering something I’ve heard from many women that they soul desire—a once a week online gathering where we find inspiration, renewal, grounding and impassioned encouragement about who we are, how to connect (with our selves), to show up + especially how to transform through barriers that may try to hold us back.

I’m honoured to be starting this Fall Women’s Group; Coming Home to Ourselves.

Join me this Fall—once a week, for an online women’s circle of 8 weeks of powerful & inspirational support.


Because, we came here to lift each other up and we need his now more than ever before, because we are experiencing burnout, fear, imposter syndrome, loss of self trying to maintain all the things… And by joining together, sharing stories & powerful tools in a guided container, our innate ability to further heal, create & move forward can increase dramatically.

My intention for this women’s group is to build strength, hope and resilience to know ourselves more deeply so we may honour who we are that much more powerfully in the world.


Now is our time to come home to ourselves

~ Sarah Norrad

A little more about the details:

What will be offered:

-powerful discussion and practice topics

-group reflection, sharing & process 

-guided meditations & visualization 

-sacred circle facilitation structure

-new tools to empower and transform with

-practical support to move beyond barriers

-fresh hope & strength for our lives 

In each weeks online gathering, Sarah will provide a safe structure for all to flow through, give coaching support around what tool/practice might be used to work with the topic of the week & how to implement them in our lives, as well as lead meditations and grounding practices. Here also will be your chance to share your experience and lift each other up through them. We will work with intention setting, remaining in alignment with our goals and being accountable to our beautiful selves! 

Topics that we may approach (but are not limited to) are:

•how do we find true renewal  •can we create a safe space to be in our body & work •empowered boundaries (how to keep them when others push back) •tuning into our own innate rhythm for success & joy •how to find our “home” within & inner peace there •realigning with our true intentions  •how to connect to our unique inner spark daily •identify our true power—and how to retrieve it •falling in love with ourselves all over again (and is this okay) •what sabotages/blocks our belief in ourselves (and how to remove it)


Deeper connection with self

Build empowered community

Weekly support & sharing

Raised Self-Confidence

New insight & hope

Perspective shifts

Inspiration refill

Fresh tools for all areas of life

Connection with other wise women

Greater inner peace + deeper self-love

**Epiphanies Guaranteed**    

To join the fall women’s circle beginning September 24th book your space here:

Full Investment for Group $235 USD ($303 CAD)

Instalment plan of $130 USD X 2

**All participants in this group have the opportunity to purchase my 3, one-on-one coaching session package at a discounted rate of $210 USD**


Some words about your Facilitator…

Sarah Norrad is a certified professional coach, trained psycho-ed group facilitator, registered yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, active lay counsellor, author & designer. Her relative experience as a teacher is - 7 years of counselling others, a thriving coaching practice, 20 years of mindfulness and meditation training, 7 + years of teaching Yogic practices & transformational tools.

Sarah would be so delighted to have you join this journey of coming home.

Her tools, her kind manner, and her nurturing suggestions were everything I needed. Worth every penny, and doing more coaching with her in future!
— S. Blunkosky

A Further why… 

It’s a deep soul desire for many of us to come home to ourselves right now. And we must, not just for our own happiness but to be well in all aspects of our lives and to build a healthier world; with each other. As we find our peace from within, every area of our reality may become easier—work flows with more joy, love with more expression, rest with more fulfillment and purpose may be realized everywhere...

Fall Women's Group
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