Begin Again.

If we awaken,
for a moment from the spell,
from the mist that surrounds our hearts, and minds, and souls,
and keeps us separate,
and singular,
and solitary.
Maybe we would touch it,
that spark again inside,
the one we have been missing,
the one we thought was completely gone.
it's not, 
nor could it ever be.
It's just waiting,
patiently for us to begin to realize,
our true nature is rebirth,
at least that's what out soul keeps whispering.
We aren't ever done. 
Nor must we ever be finished,
and transforming. 
We can ever be rebranded in the light of love.
It's not a question of if we are worthy,
it's more a statement of,
we are ready,'
ready to live here and now.
It's not a matter of being perfect either.
What matters is that we choose to know we are whole,
and that we each have something beautiful,
to offer,
and that we deserve to share it,
and that we choose we must.
Because what are we waiting for?
It will find us eventually.
That is the truth of life.
So live this spark we know in our soul we are.
Share it.
Believe it.
Celebrate it.
we are whole.
then we will ever be rebranded,
the light of love.