Being Human.

I don't know sometimes what it means to be tender.
On certain days what's rough and sharp in me comes out instead.
There are lines that aren't so crisp on special evenings,
when the light hits my cheek in the afternoon sometimes it burns.
But that's what it means to be unraveling.
That's what it means to be human and real.
We aren't just one way,
we are many.
The shadow sometimes needs a turn on the scene too.
So make it safe to be a little jagged.
Allow a comment or two to be un-pc.
What if rough was acceptable also?
Why would we want to be so refined and perfect anyways?
Isn't what's raw dynamic and interesting too?
If we weren't searching so hard to be found right,
maybe we would discover what we already knew.
That perfect was a state of perception. 
What might have been wrong may one day be right.
So forgive our shadowed longings.
It's not a shame to be who we are.
The sorrow is to think we should be someone different, 
perhaps better.
But better is not necessary to thrive.
Good enough is just perfect.
Rough and sharp are effective tools for transformation too.