Let The Journey Be The Goal.

So she decided to meet herself,
in the wilderness of her own mind.
And she delved deep into the murky waters there.
She foraged through swamps and jungles.
She dipped into creeks and waded through streams.
After each adventure though,
she seemed to end up where she had previously begun.
Perhaps a little more calloused.
Perhaps a little more muscled.
Perhaps even a bit more tender in places too.
It made her realize,
it was in fact the journey that was the goal.
For the end destination always seemed to be the same. 
As far as she had travelled,
she still ended up right here.
Arriving at the quiet place of stillness that sits between her heart and her head. 
So she finally acknowledged the value in what was happening now. 
And the goal slipped out the passenger window each time she drove to a new place.
And she got it.
This was it.
This was what she had been birthed for. 
It wasn't to be something more.
It was to give value to what was here,
to what was her,
and to what still remained a mystery.
So she let the safari of life just be. 
And she became okay with the in-between. 
For nowhere was where she was headed... 

Because somewhere special was already here.