We Are Enough - That's What Humble Is.

May we just be,
as we are.
May we learn to offer no more or no less.
May we not shy away from the beauty that we have to share and may we also not hide the shadow we are still working on.
This is true humbleness.
Being humble does not mean that we cower.
It does not mean that we feel defeated because we are less capable then some.
Humbleness means we offer everything we have and we offer it fully.
It means we accept that in certain lights we sparkle and that in others we appear a shade of grey.
But it means we acknowledge that right now we are good enough to be of service.
It means that despite and perhaps because of our speckled, imperfect reflection, we have something that can support others to know.
Be humble.
Be no longer afraid who we are is not okay.
It is.
We are.
Offer it all.
Offer everything.
That's freedom. 
The freedom of one who can just be.

~ Sarah Norrad