Embrace All Of It.

We are not young anymore,
but we are not yet old.
We are not shy anymore,
but we still have moments where we pause,
where life rushes towards us and we stutter,
for a split second,
we question whether we can do it,
and the other.
we all have these,
secret moments of doubt,
even those of us who know how to live beyond fear.
For we are human,
and will remain,
each of us,
until we leave here,
our sweet earth.
if we are not one thing,
nor are we the other,
we must then embrace the in-between.
And eventually,
the meantime becomes not a place anymore where we wobble,
but it solidifies,
as a rooted stance,
of presence instead.
If we forget about the labels of what or who,
as we discover we will die a handful of deaths,
while still living this one.
We begin to understand the inconstancy of existence.
That's what life is,
isn't it?
A continuum of experiencing,
different versions of ourself?
I say,
dress up.
Get to know each and every one.
we came here to do just that...
Perhaps we came here to understand,
the art,
and skill it takes,
to consciously transform. 
We are not young anymore,
but we are not yet old.
Let the meantime be no longer a place where we wobble,
but let it solidify as a rooted stance of presence instead. 

~ Sarah Norrad