Don't Carry It All.

Don't turn away from the grief that your body carries.
Mine has carried it too.
Don't turn away from the sharp pain of loss that hit your chest.
Mine met that also.
The word, 
Human and Being,
both mean that we will feel these two things. 
And that moments like the season,
or perhaps the fall breeze caressing our back,
will make us remember, 
what the reality of living,
also is.
Letting go,
is not an option we get to choose.
It's actually mandatory.
It's a must.
For if we were to carry everything with us,
we'd get too heavy.
It's best to release,
a few bits,
here and there.
So shuffle out those cupboards,
and tidy out the round corners of your soul.
Found in the cracks and crevasses of a heart,
are precious jewels of memories to be let go.
Allow the crisp autumn sun,
to melt whatever was here and still hard.
Surrender it for the winter.
for the time of retreat that is to come.
Don't turn away from the grief your body carries,
instead hold it,
embrace it,
kiss it,
tenderly bid it farewell. 
For where we are headed,
we need less of it.
For comfort and connection,
this full,
feeling heart is best advised. 

~ Sarah Norrad